Frequently Asked Questions    

Question: Will you drive my U-Haul Truck? Will you drive my Penske Truck? 
Answer: Yes, we will drive any rental or moving truck up to 26 feet in length, with the optional tow package for vehicle as well.  

Question: Do any of your drivers smoke?
Answer: Absolutely not - we do not allow it under any circumstances. 

Question: How do you estimate fuel costs?
Answer: Fuel costs are changing rapidly in the United States, so we utilize for everyday vehicles. For moving trucks, we estimate approximately 8 miles per gallon for smaller U-Hauls, 5 miles per gallon for larger, 26 foot trucks towing a vehicle.

Question: What happens in the event of an accident?
Answer: First, you are notified immediately. Secondly, information on both parties involved would be exchanged, a police report will be attained, and the cost of the repairs would be covered under the owner’s insurance deductible. If the accident is caused by our driver leading to an insurance claim, Cross Country Driver would gladly reimburse the owner up to $500 towards the policies deductible. To date, Cross Country Driver has never had an accident, and we are very proud of it.

Question: How do you service so many moving clients?
Answer: Because of demand, there are times when we cannot service all moving customers who request it. During those times, typically in the summer when families are most likely to move, we will partner with a quality moving service provider such as Moving Truck Driver specializes in driving rental trucks nationwide.

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