Explore Common Questions and Concerns About Cross Country Driving

How long will it take to move my car cross country?

Below is the approximate timetable for deliveries after the point of vehicle pick-up:

  • 1000 Miles = 1 Day
  • 1500 Miles = 1.5 Days
  • 2000 Miles = 2 Days
  • 3000 Miles = 3 Days

Can I hire a one-way driver to move my car to another state?
Yes, you can hire a one-way driver to move your car to another state.  It's what we do every day at Cross Country Driver. Be sure to read reviews, and get quotes to find the best option for your needs and budget. 

Will you drive my U-Haul Truck?  

Yes, we will drive any rental or moving truck up to 26 feet in length, with the optional tow package for the vehicle as well. 

How much does it cost to have someone drive my vehicle cross country?
The cost of hiring someone to drive your car cross country can vary greatly, but typically falling within the range of $500 to $1700. This variation is influenced by factors such as the distance, the chosen route, the duration of the journey, and any supplementary services you might need.

Do any of your drivers smoke?

Absolutely not - we do not allow it under any circumstances. 

How do you estimate fuel costs?

Fuel costs are changing rapidly in the United States, so we utilize FuelEconomy.gov for everyday vehicles. For moving trucks, we estimate approximately 8 miles per gallon for smaller U-Hauls, 5 miles per gallon for larger, 26-foot trucks towing a vehicle.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?

We carry a premium AAA package, which may cover initial towing.

How to hire someone to drive my car across the country?

It is possible to hire someone to drive your car across the country and we would be happy to assist. When comparing companies, always be sure to look for reviews and recommendations to ensure reliability. Once you've identified potential candidates, get quotes from them and discuss the terms of the arrangement.

Do you drive from New York to California?
Yes, New York to California is one of our most popular routes. 

What happens in the event of an accident?

First, you are notified immediately. Secondly, information on both parties involved would be exchanged, a police report would be attained, and the cost of the repairs would be covered under the owner’s insurance deductible. If the accident is caused by our driver leading to an insurance claim, Cross Country Driver would gladly reimburse the owner up to $500 towards the policy's deductible. To date, Cross Country Driver has never had an accident, and we are very proud of it.

I want to drive cross country, where can I find more information regarding our highway system? 

We recommend the Federal Highway Administration, as well as a map of our National Highway System ​​

What factors should I consider when selecting among car relocation companies?

When choosing a car relocation company, consider their track record for safety, punctuality, and customer service. Look for companies that offer comprehensive insurance policies, have positive customer reviews, and provide clear communication about the relocation process. Additionally, verify the company's licensing and certification to ensure they meet industry standards for professional vehicle relocation.

What qualifications should a car transport driver have to guarantee a safe vehicle delivery?

A qualified car transport driver should have a clean driving record, relevant licenses, and extensive experience in vehicle handling. They should be trained in defensive driving techniques and possess knowledge of vehicle maintenance to address any issues during transit. Moreover, professional drivers are expected to be proficient in route planning to ensure timely delivery.

What is the 'drive away cars' service, and what are its advantages over other transport methods?

The 'drive away cars' service is a tailored solution where individuals or companies deliver your vehicle by driving it to your specified location. Sometimes spelled as one word, driveaway, this service offers advantages such as potential cost savings, no loading or unloading damages, and the ability to transport personal items within the vehicle. It's particularly advantageous for shorter distances or when a quick turnaround is required.

How do I choose a reputable drive away company for interstate car relocation?

When selecting a drive away company for interstate relocation, ensure they have a strong reputation by researching customer testimonials and industry accreditations. Look for companies that provide detailed contracts, transparent pricing without hidden fees, and a robust insurance policy. Choose a company that emphasizes on-time delivery and regular communication throughout the transport process.

Do you drive from  California to New York?
Of course, California to New York is one of our most popular routes.