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Have You Tried an Upscale Driving Service?

Life can throw you curveballs sometimes. You might lose a job and have to move, get a promotion that forces a relocation, or you might have the unfortunate duty of moving to go take care of a sick loved one. Sometimes it’s not about moving yourself at all – sometimes we need to be able to move exclusive, one of a kind objects to new locations, like that brand new orange Lotus. When you’re using a traditional freight or shipping method to move your items, it can sometimes take up to 8 weeks to get your items moved from Point A to Point B. Not everyone can wait that long! Is there some way to be able to have a competitively priced service be able to move your items for you in a much quicker time frame?

The Rise of the Niche Transportation Service

Moving large items across the country can be difficult. Even if you push yourself hard and do it yourself, you’re going to have to dedicate three or four days for travel time. When you finally get to where you need to be, you feel tired and lethargic for a day or two afterwards as well. We’re all looking to save a few bucks wherever we can because money is tight, right? So here’s a valid question we each should be asking when we’ve got to move or have something transported across the country: how much time and money can I really save?

I know a family that recently moved from Denver to Seattle. They had three young kids, so they were looking to be able to have someone help them with their move. To hire movers to do just the moving portion of the trip would have cost them $7,200. They would have had to drive both vehicles in addition to the movers, which would have equated to another $1,000 in just fuel charges. With three young kids, they’d have to stop every two or three hours, which meant a two day trip would become a four day trip, so there was another $500 in lodging expenses, another $500 in food costs, and finally another $1,000 budgeted for incidentals. That’s over $10,000!

Needless to say, they went to the self-moving option. They trailered their extra vehicle, loaded their rented truck, and then unloaded it themselves when they got to their new home. They saved $6,000 doing it themselves, but they also had to spend four days out on the road, separated from each other. With an upscale driving service, they could have hired a driver that would have driven their moving truck for them and still saved about half the cost of hiring professional movers.

What About Moving Elite Items?

Moving a luxury vehicle can turn out to be more difficult than you would ever imagine. Freight companies can take months to transport your item. Specialty moving services can trailer your vehicle for you so that it’s protected from roadside elements like debris or weather, but it can take two or three weeks for them to finish the transport. With an upscale driving service that specializes in the door-to-door delivery of your vehicle, you can it transported quickly and safely in a fraction of the time. Here’s are some examples from – a leader in the industry.

  • From Los Angeles, CA to Northern NJ: a Lexus SUV was successfully delivered in 49 hours.
  • From West Palm Beach, FL, to Olympia, WA: a full-sized rented moving truck towing a Hummer was successfully delivered in 62 hours.
  • From New York City to Miami, FL: a BMW was successfully delivered in just 20 hours.

Why should you have to wait for up to two months for your luxury item to be successfully transported when it could be delivered in just two days instead? These are the benefits that you get with the hiring of an upscale driving service for your next transportation needs.

A Niche, Upscale Driving Service Is More Reliable

When you use a driving service that specializes in the transportation of elite vehicles and self-rented moving trucks, you are hiring a service directly that works with you on a one-on-one basis. This means you can have confidence in the driver you are hiring because there are no sub-contracts involved with an upscale driving service. You simply get your vehicle delivered to your preferred location quickly, reliably, and affordably.

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What About Insurance Costs?

When you are freighting your items across the country, you often need to pay for an additional insurance premium in case damage happens during the freight process. This insurance upcharge can often be several hundred dollars… or more! Did you know that your vehicle’s insurance policy already has a stipulation in it that allows for a third-party driver to drive your vehicle with your permission? It is required by law to have this stipulation, which means your existing coverage will work with an upscale driving service. You simply must make sure the paperwork involved has the driving service paying for a reasonable deductible in the case of an accident, as well as any damages for which their driver may be responsible for.

It’s the Preferred Choice of Professionals Everywhere

From celebrities to professional athletes to Fortune 500 professionals that must travel extensively, one of the hardest things about a job that requires you to be out on the road a lot is the lack of a home environment. With an upscale driving service, these clients might not be able to be home every night, but they can have a taste of home by having their vehicle delivered to them in a rapid and safe manner for a very affordable price. It’s more than just having a taste of home, however. People are simply more comfortable in their own vehicles. They know where it’s been, who’s been in it, and how it drives. It’s a reflection of their personality and this gives people confidence. That’s right – just a small taste of home can re-energize someone to make the impact that they need to make in relation to their professional responsibilities!

It’s Also the Preferred Choice of Those With Seasonal Homes

If you winter in the South and summer in the North, then you definitely know about the moving process. Though often you’re simply maintaining two homes, you’re not maintaining two luxury vehicles and can simply fly between your homes when it is time for your seasonal move. You could fly back, however, and have your vehicle waiting for you at the airport with the hire of an upscale driving service. With just a 72 hour head start, all the plans can be made to pick up your vehicle and have it parked and waiting for you when you arrive. You just have to take a driving service, such as a taxi, to the airport terminal with any luggage you might have. That means no driving, no wasted time, and no worries.

Is an Upscale Driving Service the Right Choice For You?

An upscale driving service lets you remain in control of the entire transportation process, from beginning to end. It works on your schedule so that you never have to have a calendar or schedule that you’ve got to follow just to make sure your vehicle or furnishings get to where they need to be. With a driving service, you always know who is taking responsibility for safely and reliably moving your important assets from Point A to Point B. That’s why driving services are quickly becoming the choice for today’s professionals who are needing to be in different cities, but wanting a taste of home to be with them as well.

Why wait up to eight weeks to get your vehicle delivered to your location? Why spend $10,000 or more on professional movers to move your items to your new home? For just a fraction of the cost, you can have your vehicle delivered in just two or three days instead of two or three months. For just a small added cost, you can have a professional driver get behind the wheel of your rented moving truck and drive it for you so that you can spend your transition time with your loved ones. If you are needing to relocate to a new home or know that you’re going to be away on an extended business trip, then why not try an upscale driving service? You’ll find that they are fast, reliable, and extremely dependable.

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Have you always wondered what happens to your things once you sign a contract with a transportation company? Did you know that once you sign a contract with an organization, they can then sub-contract your job to others that you’ve never met? There can be two, three, or even more organizations involved with the transport of your luxury vehicles or moving truck and you won’t ever know it because there is no requirement to have to communicate sub-contracting services to you.