It’s about your time, your schedule, and your vehicle, delivered door to door.

Driver For Service

Hiring a Driver for Service

Many people have heard of the idea of hiring a driver for service, but without having experienced it yourself, it can be tough to feel like you understand what to expect, which is extremely important when you’re entrusting a service with your vehicle or possessions. If you are exploring the option of a driving service for an upcoming move, or even to simply transport vehicles, here is everything you need to know about the process. 

Getting Started with a Driver for Service 

The process really starts with alignment. The most important aspect of a driving service is to ensure all of your needs are met when they need to be met. The first step will require you to give a detailed overview of what you’re looking for with your driver. The information that is important to share is below: 
• What do you need to be transported (i.e., car, multiple cars, moving truck + car, pets, etc.)?
• Where are the pick-up location and the drop-off location? 
• When would you like the service to take place? 
• Do you have a need for vehicles or goods to arrive by a specific time? 
Once there is complete clarity around what you need and when you need it, you will receive a customized quote with your specific driver for service accommodations. Once accepted, travel arrangements will be finalized, and an itinerary will be set. That is when much of your involvement will conclude as we move into the next step in the process. 

Expectations at Pick-Up with a Driving Service 

The hardest part of the entire process when you’re working with a driver for service is truly in the first step. Once you have shared all of your needs and wants, a quality driving service handles the rest. When you partner with Cross Country Driver, you can expect a seamless experience at pick-up and drop-off. When your driver arrives to your pick-up location on the day you chose, they will first conduct a vehicle safety inspection before anything else can take place. From there, they will either be on their way, or they may be loading up vehicles (depending on the accommodations you requested). Then it’s time for the final step in the process: delivery of your vehicle or possessions. 

Driving Service Drop-Off Expectations 

While you are getting in a nice nap during your flight to your new destination, your driver for service is leveraging their professional experience to efficiently, and safely, transport your vehicle or possessions to their destination. Once they arrive, the drop-off process is just as simple as the pick-up process was. Any remaining fees will be paid, if not done beforehand, then your driver will either leave your vehicle and/or possessions with you or they will begin their unloading process. 
Partnering with a quality driver for a service company is a stress-free way to transport your vehicle, belongings, and even your pets. Once you experience the ease of working with a driving service once, you’ll wonder why you ever took on a cross-country move by yourself in the past.