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Cross Country Driver
Do you need your U-Haul, Penske or Budget Truck moved to a new location?  How about your personal vehicle? Drive Away Service? We can help. 

offer a safe and reliable means of getting your car transported to anywhere, from anywhere in the continental USA in a matter of days, not weeks. A Drive-Away Service, specializing In our most popular run, California to the New York, New Jersey area - we make moving your vehicle quick, hassle free, and most of all affordable.  With door-to-door pickup and delivery, sending your vehicle over long distances has never been simpler

Our Drive-Away Services has long been operating nationwide delivering vehicles coast-to-coast in as little as three days. Many of our Northeast corridor trips occur in approximately 24 hours, making us a favorite among those with winter homes in the sunshine state. 

With traditional shipping by freight or tractor trailer leaving many owners without a vehicle for as long as eight weeks, Drive-Away Services has increasingly become more common and convenient. For those who demand an easier, simpler way of shipping there vehicles, Cross Country Driver allows you to remain in total control. Always knowing when and where your vehicle is, and who is driving it to its destination. It’s about your time, your schedule, and your car, delivered door to door. Drive-Away Service Process.

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A recent 28' U-Haul trip, pulling a full sized SUV 1800 miles from Miami to New Hampshire

Drive Away Service Sample Rates
New Jersey or New York area to or from Florida: $800
Base fee between most major cities within the USA (under 2000 miles): $1150 

Please note: sample rates including driver's airfare and expenses but not gas, highway tolls, U-Hauls or pet care. Prices can be lower or higher based on distance, airfares, vehicle and circumstances Each trip is quoted individually based on its unique circumstances

Special Drive Away Services Available:
• I will happily take your pets in the vehicle and care for them along the way (for an additional fee)
• Pet owners: I will not drive pets without a car. I do not carry pets in other people's cars.
• Will drive vehicles as big as a 27-foot Uhaul/Penske towing a car.
• You can pack the vehicle with whatever you like within reason.
• Will drive cars of any size.
• We do not hire or refer other drivers. No employment inquiries please.
• We do not carry people